“Lovers redeemed”, chapter 5, “Human Touch”, parts 1-3

OOOOK!! ^^ Here’s the entire fith chapter of “Lovers redeemed”, thanks only to the god-inspired freaking awesome translating machine that is Vhis ^^ Remember that I told you that the fic was MA rated because of the highly graphic m/m scenes? Please, keep that in mind when you read the last past of this chapter because it contains THAT scene *winks winks*

Also, I hope you don’t want to drown/decapitate/skin me alive for that last part ending, as the Spanish readers tried ^^; When you read it, keep in mind that is V we’re talking about. He’s tough, closed-mouthed and has the infuriating habbit of deciding what would be better for the ones he loves… without asking their opinion. He’s only doing what he thinks it will be better for Butch with the situation he’s stuck in.. even if that kills him -and the cop- inside. The guy really sucks in relationships *rolls eyes*

More things, more things… Yeah, Marissa. Honestly, I don’t like her. At all. But I’ve tried to understand her: she’s been a -mentally- abused woman for more than 200 years. And I think she deserves the privilege to, how to put it in words, “built” herself after so many years without the shadow of an alpha male above her. We’ll see more of her growing process as an independent and mature woman… er, female in the next chapters, but she had to appear sooner or later so… here she is ^^; To V’s desmay.

A few more comments and on with the chapter… I was mistaken, there were two chapter titles that don’t come after a Metallica’s song, this one and the next. This chapter title come from a Bruce Springsteen song, “Human Touch”, because it pretty much sumarized what the three parts involved in this story -V, Butch and Marissa- are looking after. Phury’s also listening in his mind to another Boss’ song, “I wish I were blind”. Yes, Bruce is my favorite singer^^ Next thing: I read every comment you’re leaving in the Goodreadings forum where Vhis is posting the links to this fic but I can’t answer you there because I’m a F***** IDIOT with blogs (yeah, laugh if you want), forums, and all that and I don’t know how I can repply you there ¬¬ But THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your kind words, I’m very honoured with the huge effort that Vhis is doing *cheerleader dance again* and very happy you’re liking the story so far. Thanks again to Vhis and to the Hermandad-Hispana RPG family for allowing me to use their pics.

And now I tie my tongue and here you have the three parts of chapter five:

chapter 5.1

chapter 5.2


20 comentarios to ““Lovers redeemed”, chapter 5, “Human Touch”, parts 1-3”

  1. OMG! I am almost afraid of reading this chapter…Just tell me everything is gonna be ok in the end, please? I haven’t even read it and I already know what V is gonna do. *sighs* That’s how well I know him…

    And about chapter 4…Vane woman, what were you trying to do to me? KILL ME??? I was panting reading it and thank God my husband was home after I finished reading it. LOL Ok, jokes aside, it was an awesome chapter. The way V dealt with the whole situation and the scene with him and Wrath..OMFG! I thought he was gonna hit the king!

    Bottom line is, I love you forever and ever. And Vhis, I love you forever and ever and ever.


    Can’t wait for chapter 6!!!!

    • Unfortunately, everything is NOT gonna be OK in the end. Is V, OK? It’s impossible a relationship with him going smooth *sighs with you*

      And, er, no, I wasn’t trying to kill you with chapter 4, it’s what happens when you leave V and Butch alone in the same room with no shellans around. Things grow veeeeeery hot *winks* And yes, king or not, Wrath goes after a wounded Butch, never before ^^

      Love you too!!!! Kisses!!! 😉

  2. It’s not going to be okay? As in NEVER ? Oh man…*sighs*

    Can I say something? I cried last night reading the 1st oart of chapter 5. Not the “a single drop” kinda cry, but I real effing sobbing like a baby. YEAP. You, Miss Vane made me cry more than Ward did. I wanted to kick Butch in his balls for acting like a moron around Marissa. And I want to take Marissa and drown her in the deep of the ocean so she can’t never go back. Grrrrrrrr!

    But most of anything I wanted to hug V, I want to tell him everything is gonna be alright, I wanted him to see that he too more than anyone deserves to be happy…poor baby. I honestly hope things work out for the best at the end of your story. I really don’t take well seeing V in pain. It just breaks my heart.

    Oh, and I wanted to tell you that I’ve been pimping you out on twitter like WOW! I think I have sent the link to your blog to 6 or 7 people and I have sent the fic via email to another more 6 people. Everytime I say something about the fic on twitter, someone asks me where I found it…*laughs* I am gonna make you famous!

    Love ya’


    • First of all: I didn’t say it’s not gonna be okay… NEVER. Only that, well, you know, it’s going to be hard. With V, is always hard ^^; If it’s any consolation, I would have gladly drown Marissa since the first time I saw her in the books ¬¬ Yeah, yeah, I know. The poor thing. I understand. But, still… grrrrrrr!

      V killed me in this chapter too, maybe because he’s by far my favorite character and I can’t stand seeing him in pain either, I don’t know. But he’s like a diamond: you can only reach his inside self by breaking him. Like I said, hard. So you’re going to cry more with the last part of this chapter and with the last one of chapter 6.

      And thank you so much for your recommendations via twitter (that unknown world for me) ^^; Sorry I can’t answer them!

      Kisses dear!!!!! ^^

  3. Teeheee! Now I am almost happy. Things will eventually be ok? I can sooooo work with that. But I understand you and that’s why I am so in love with your fanfic. Because nothing is ever simple or easy with V. He has always to have things in the hardest way…*sighs* I get it, cause that’s the way he is and this is probably why I love him so much.

    Now, Marissa…UGH! I have been struggling with myself to like her since book 1 and I have to say that: no, f*ck no! I just don’t get her. And it’s so hard to like a character when you can’t relate to them. I only wish she and Jane had never come into their life, because in my heart I know that V and Butch belong together.

    I think you have now understood what I said in my 1st comment when I mentioned that you would have to tell me to shut up, right? Cause OMG, I really can’t stop talking about them or your fic. *laughing* Oh and don’t worry about twitter. I’ve got your back, baby! Everybody is already reading your story and so far they all said they LOVE it. You ROCK!



  4. Yeah, it’s me AGAIN! I can’t not comment after finish reading this chapter. Oh Vane…*sighs* I swear to God that I never saw THAT coming. I knew V was gonna try put some distance between him and the cop, but I swear I never thought he’d be so cruel.

    There I was all fuzzy and warm reading that HOT scene, which you wrote perfectly btw, and all of sudden BAM! I was hit by the not so loving side of V. I love him, God knows how much, but I swear: I wanted to kick his balls until he screams for what he did to Butch. Stupid, arrogant male. Who the fuck does he think he is to go and decide about other ppl’s life without even asking them? *grrrrrrr* I am soooooo mad at him right now. I only promised to myself that I will not cry over this, cause girl, you made me cry reading this chapter probably more than when I read Lover Unbound. Damn it!

    I hav a few things I wanted to know: is chapter 6 the last one? Am I going to want to kill myself when I read it or am I going to want to kiss you when I read it? A little heads up would be good, so I can prepare myself for the worst…

    And Vhis, if you ar reading this too, I don’t want to push you or anything. obviously, since you already done such an amazing job, but if I don’t read this chapter soon I am going to die and you are going to feel very guilty! *laughing*

    Well, that’s it. Hopefully chapter 6 will be ready soon…



    • Uau…you’re the best “get moving” incentive ever. And as a good news, my part in translating this fic is almost done. there will be 7 chapters in the end. vane will keept them coming, don’t worry.
      Well…back to beating the s**t out of my laptop’s keys. 🙂

    • Ainssss, I’m sorry but V HAD to be cruel if he wanted the cop to stay away from him -for Butch’s own sake, or so he thoughts-. Butch it too involved with V at this point to just accept a “you can’t be with me, try to live your life and be happy”. V had to be cruel.

      Of course, he has a very twisted vision of what true love is but, hey, he had never experienced it before so he’s doing what he feels is better for his mate. The bastard ¬¬

      Butch wants to kick his balls too, and believe, he’ll do it. He’s the only one who can make V LISTEN. Even if he had to beat the shit out of him, corner him until he spills or whatever. In the last part of chapter 6 we’ll see the alpha side of Butch, and his royally pissed off part… and V’s first time^^; I don’t know if you’ll want to kill me or kiss me, but I bet you’ll want to hug both boys because it’s to be HARD.

      As Vhis has told you, chapter 7, with its 2 parts, is the last of the fic. I wrote a bonus chapter at the reader’s request too, a BDSM session between V and Butch, but that is out of the plotline of the fic.

      Vhis has already translating the entire chapter 6, which I’m currently reading and I’ll post it as soon as I can ^^

      Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you so much dear and there, take one *offers tissue box* ;P


  5. I can’t believe I am gonna write a comment here again…but here I am. Sorry if I am bothering you, Vane, but this is the only way I have to express my feelings. And I HAVE to express my feelings! *laughs*

    Don’t get me wrong, I understood perfectly why V did that. I mean, I understood from his point of view, but it didn’t make it any less painful. I could feel Butch’s pain and I can only imagined how he felt. Poor guy opened his heart and soul and had to listen to those cruel words. But again, I GET it. V is sucha control freak that things HAVE to be his way or no way at all. And yes, of course Butch is the only one who can make him come to his sense. Cop always has and always be the only one he listens to.

    And OMG I am almost screaming here knowing there are more to come!! Wheeeeeeee! You have no idea, no real idea, how your fic, your words make me happy! Thanks for that. To both of you actually. Cause if it weren’t fot Vhis I would never know.

    Love ya’!


    PS: I am sure I am gonna want to kiss you by the end of it. I already do!!! LOL

    • As Madonna very well said back in the 90’s… Express yourself! ;P I hope I can post the entire chapter 6 today, I’m finishing reading it. It will be very interesting to know what do you think about the last part. It was so hard to write that I get nervous every time I read it *gulps*

      And Vhis has already translated the first part of chapter 7, she only has one part left to finish O.O Have I said that that girl’s AWESOME *put in in sparkling letters* 😉

  6. I love it! You have a new fan from Sweden :).
    Your story about Blay and Qhuinn, is there any chance that the wonderful Vhis has any plan to translate that one as well? 🙂 :)..

    Love your writing and love Vhis for making it possible for me to read it..

    • Hi from Spain, then! We’re north and south, uh? 😉
      The poor Vhis… She’s been doing the work of her life translating Lovers Redeemed (600 pages long), so I don’t think she has any stamina left to do the same with “Amantes liberados”, my QHUAY fic. The story is not still finished, I have 2 more chapters to go, but I think it will be more or less 900 pages long so…. *faints*

      She has already gained entrance to heaven with “Lovers Redeemed”!

      Thank you dear!! Kisses!!

      • Hi there Vane. Oh dear, I had requests like this one for Amantes liberados on Goodreads too. So girl, I think you need to go international. you’re THAT good. I really hope someone will translate this other amazing fic, it’s really worth it and it’s good practice from Q/B fans ‘till Ward releases the novella or whatever.
        As you pretty much said, I’ve had my good share of spanish vs. english feat. my native language, to make me dream in 3 languages for awhile. :). But like we discussed, I did it first because it’s THAT good, because of my OCD thing we talked about – I often obsess about about something and I go to the Moon and back to get it completed. It could have very well be Atmantes liberados, but someone posted the link to this fic. Ergo – I’ll finish Lovers Redeemed in a couple of days. 🙂
        And…now …I can’t remember what was the point of my “comentario”. Ah, yes…GO INTERNATIONAL. 🙂 Kisses.

  7. Hi Vane I found your fics on goodreads from Vhis. I love Lovers Redeemed. And I was wondering if you already had someone to translate your Q/Blay fic b/c I would love to do it. Just let me know. 🙂

    • Hi there! Yeah, I saw your comment on Goodreadings -about the translation of my QHUAY fic-, if just I were able to register and repply there, brrrrr. I’ll try, promised.

      It would be a honour that you could translate “Amantes liberados” (uh, something like “Lovers released”, I guess) into English, but please, please, please, keep in mind that, when it’ll be finished i’tll be more or less 900 pages long. That’s an even more colossal, time-consuming, suicide-inducer task than translating “Lovers redeemed”. The QHUAY fic also has A LOT more plot, and a millionth times more complicated -with militar devices and strategy- than the VUTCH one. Which means a lot of tecnical/militar vocabulary.

      I’m not trying to discourage you, just being realistic and honest. Take a look at it, read it and try to imagine yourself typing all that in English. If, even then, you think you have the time, stamina, good-heart and the bit of craziness required to translate it… go for it! I’ll help you in whatever I can.

      Just one thing more, even if I saw that Vhis already told you: please, if you finally decide to do the translation, allow me to post it only here, in the blog, with all the credits and milion thanks to you and a link in Goodreadings, as with Lover Redeemed. I suffered a plagiarism case and I learned that the more sites you post your work, the easier to stole it because you feel less remorses than copying it directly from the author’s site.

      Let me know what you think!! Kisses!!

      • Ok Im going to go ahead and start reading it to give myself an idea of what is ahead of me. I think the only problem that I have is that Im only going to be able to work on it a couple hours a day. I have work and Im a single mom of 5, yes 5! 🙂 LOL.
        So I probably will only be able to do a chapter every two weeks, because they are soooo long. So just let me know what you think of my time line.

        Also I come from a military family so I don’t think I will have an issue with the vocabulary.

        And I think it would be easier to communicate with one another if I could get your email address or I can give you mine.

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