“Lovers Redeemed”, chapter 6, “This can’t be the end”, parts 1-3

Hi again! Thanks to Vhis‘ magic, here you have the entire chapter 6 of “Lovers Redeemed”, with its 3 parts. This time, the title, “This can’t be the end”, come from a line of that old Scorpion’s song, “Still loving you”. Which soooooo fit the characters and the situation.

Well, after the way last chapter ended, this one starts with poor Butch VERY angry, to say the least, nearly making the wrong choice. Follows with someone unexpected helping the cop to see things like they are and with Vishous drowning in remorse.

Part 2 has some serious action going on, with Qhuinn and Blay as baits inone scenario and V in another one. A comment: I don’t like lessers as enemies, they’re too weak for my RPG tastes, so I gave them another special power. Their black blood, that comes directly from the Omega’s veins, is poisonous to vampires. Just saying *winks*

And finally, part 3. Do you remember when I said that you won’t find any non-consentual scenes in this fic but some hard ones? Well, there you have it. The third part of this chapter is one of the most difficult things I’ve written so far but, even with the, uh, violence, blood and testosterone, I think is… beautiful ^^; MA rated, of course. I’d love to hear your thoughts about it! The pics, as always, are a fan-art from Silvia Resendiz.

Here you have the three files:

chapter 6.1

chapter 6.2

Chapter 6.3

4 comentarios to ““Lovers Redeemed”, chapter 6, “This can’t be the end”, parts 1-3”

  1. ultrawoman8 Says:

    Vhis eres una máquina, tienes que contarnos el truco para traducir así de rápido y bien ahh… ¿Te vas a animar con los bonus chapter?

  2. Hey querida!

    I swore to myself that I was only going to come comment here when I had finished the whole chapter. But you had to see me when I received the email saying you had posted chapter 6. Priceless!!! *laughing* And I also promised to myself that I was only going to read it at night and only ONE part per night, cause I wanted it to last…HAHAHA! What a joke! As soon as I downloaded the file I read the first part in no time and last night I said to myself “oh fuck this shit, I am weak and I want to READ it” and I read it ALL. I went to bed at 4:30 but it was absolutely WORTHY! Now, are you sited? Cause my comment is gonna be loooooong!!! LOL

    Ok, part 1: I could feel Butch’s anger because man oh man, I was so mad at Vishous too. I knew he was gonna punch him even before he did it. He had too, cause seriously, V asked for it. But then, I felt sorry for V. He didn’t even fought back…porr baby was devasted. And Vane, OMG! I can’t believe Z had to be the voice of reason! That was so awesome!!! I laugh so hard at him thinking he was tired of seeing ppl he liked screwing up their lives like he did. PERFECT! I loved the scene where he talks to Butch. Z was so cool about it. And I think you were briliant to chose him to be the one to talk to Butch. Because yes, he is probably the only one who wouldn’t freak out.

    Part 2: I almost had a heart attack reading this part. Girl, you have to stop (NOT) with that changing scene stuff. *laughs* The suspense nearly killed me, but all the scenes were so well written. I felt like I was there, right in the middle of it and I could fell thier tension. Even the lessers parts, which I usually dislike a lot, were pretty cool. Poor Qhuinn and poor Blay. They got the worst part of the deal. And then V. HOLY MOLY! What was that scene with Butch giving him his blood? SUPER DUPER HAAAWWWWWT!!! And Phury there, just watching as V and Butch ate each other right there on the floor. AWESOME!!! *laughing*

    Then part 3: Can I take a moment here to say I LOVE YOU TO INFINITY AND BEYOND? Can I? Because girl, I am pretty sure ward herself couldn’t have writen a better scene to V’s first time. Obviously that the cop wasn’t going to buy his shit anymore and I knew he was gonna make V speak, even if he had to beat the shit out of V. Because if anyone could do that, it was Butch. I thought the whole scene was sooo fucking hard. So overwhelming in many levels and I can only imagine how hard it was for you to write it. And the sex…HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I swear to all the Gods that it was exactly how I always felt it should be V’s first: hard, painful, hot, sweaty and Butch in charge…HOLY FUCKING SHIT AGAIN! Too bad I was reading it in the middle of the night, otherwise I would have jumped on my husband in no time, cause seriously…I was fanning myself reading it. And then…*sighs* Phury sees them sleeping together…awwww…so sweet! And they made real love and confession time: I cried a little at this part. It’s V…always him…he’s so dark and twisted that everytime Butch does something sweet to him he feels like his heart is going to break and I feel so sad and happy for him at the same time.

    And now I am here, happy that this chapter ended so well but kinda devasted because I have to wait for the next one. I can’t hardly wait to see Phury steping up to his hero thing and accepting being Primale in V’s place. I think V and Butch are probably going to kiss Phury. LOL

    I have a few things to ask: Does your Qhuay ff take place after the events from Lover Reedemed? If so, does that mean the V and Butch are together on Qhuay’s ff?
    Also, did you write Lover Reedemed before Lover Unleashed? And also: will you marry me? LOL I am kidding about the last one, but only cause I know you are already married.

    Phewww! I told you to sit that it was going to be long. Chapter 7, here we go! Abd hopefully soon!



    • ¡Hola guapa! (I love this crossed greetings in two languages by the way ;P)

      I’ll start with the end of your comment: my QHUAY fic takes place after Lover Unleashed, that is, three months after Lover Mine (this is important) and nearly a year after V’s and Butch’s books (in my universe, nearly a year after Lovers Redeemed). So Payne and Manny live at the mansion, John and Xhex are mated and they (suposedly) had killed Lash and V and Butch are mated too. In fact, V and Butch act like, I don’t know, some kind of godfather to Qhuinn and Blay, in so many senses.

      And yes again, I wrote Lovers Redeemed more than a year ago, before Lover Unleashed was published.

      Sadly, I have to say no to your last offer *negates in dismay* because our poor hubbies would have to turn to each other for comfort and that would be awkward as hell *laughing*

      And now with the beginning of the comment: I’m sorry to miss sleep, hon! It’s the same for me, I find something I like, I devour it. Doesn’t matter that I wake up next morning with the eyes of a panda¬¬

      I thought Z could be the only one to, let’s say, redirect Butch into the good direction because he’s simply too difficult to impress. He doesn’t gives a shit if they had had sex. He only doesn’t wants two of his Brothers messing up their lives when they could be HEA, specially after all he has suffered with Bella. Of course, he won’t be the “here, let’s sit with me and talk” kind of counselor. He’s rough and would never confess he wants the best for his Brothers, but, still… *shrugs*

      Ainsss, I love fighting scenes. “Amantes liberados”, the QHUAY fic I’m currently finishing, has plenty of it^^; After all, they are warrior, aren’t they? I think we have to see them fighting (with a bit of strategy not growling and charging like Conan the Barbarian). And we have to see them suffering. I’ve developed that idea more in “Amantes liberados” than in this one, although, but I’m glad you liked it. Also, it was the way to introduce QHUAY dinamics, because when I wrote LR I was already planning to write their fic.

      As for the third part, yes it was HARD to write, partially because is easy to feel Butch’s frustration and anger and V’s desperate need to talk without being capable to. Again, Butch’s the only one who can break V, even in the books, V had to turn to the cop in that (lame, for my tastes) BDSM scene in LU, not to Jane. And I share your thoughts, V’s first time had to be hard. After this, he can open himself a bit more, but first he needed Butch to break his ice walls because he couldn’t.

      Next chapter it’s on its way. Vhis has already translated it and I’m reading it. The soon I’ve finished, I’ll post it, OK?

      Thank you again and, as you see, I don’t mind at all to read long comments, mines are even longer *gulps* ^^;

      Kisses dear!!!

  3. Hi minha querida, (since you like the crossed greetings)

    I’ll start from the beggining too: I loved knowing that V and Butch are mated in your Qhuay ff, mainly because it means that things ended up well in Lover Reedemed and also because I know they will be able to help the boys find their own way.

    I only asked about Lover Reedemed being writen before Lover Unleashed because Vane, you have any idea how close you were to Ward’s story regarding V’s needing to be broken? That means a real and deep knowledge of Vishous. That’s why your story is so ggod and so perfect, because you KNOW V and Butch.

    Pfff…I knew you were going to say no to my proposing…Damn! *laughing*

    I don’t mind losing my sleep to a good story at all. Hubby is used to it too. Everytime he sees me reading like a maniac he says : is this one worth your sleep? And I am like ” HELLS YEAH!” LOL

    One thing kinda hit while reading your book: am I crazy or it was really mentioned in one of the books that lesser blood was poison to them? Cause I have the impression that I read this somewhere, other than your story…

    And just so you know, I’ve started reading Lover Reedened all over again. I am pretty sure that I’ll need to read at least more 5 or 6 times to settle this “urge” I have inside. Again: I can’t hardly wait to read the last chapter and I know I am gonna cry when it’s over. I am gonna miss them so much. I honestly hope you get to translate the short stories and as I said on goodreads, if you need a betareading, count me in.

    And oh, I am here praying to all the Gods that the girl who said she could translate the Qhuay story, really is up to the task. Cause I am dying to read this one too. I love Qhuinn and Blay!

    I guess this is it. Thanks for your patience in reading and answering all my crazy comments. Like I’ve said before: you ROCK!



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