“Lovers Redeemed”, chapter 7, “Life is ours…”, part 1

Hi there! Sorry for the delay, Vhis had finished to translate the entire fic some days ago, but I’ve been quite busy and couldn’t read the chapters until yesterday. In fact, I have only gone throught the first part of chapter 7, the last one. As soon as I’ll check the second part, I’ll post it and then you’ll have the fic completed. Bear with me, OK? I’m a bit crazy with life those days ^^;

On with the chapter. First of all, those lines you’ll read at the begining come from a Max Jara’s poem dedicated to snow, so it’s a bit difficult to find the exact meaning. More things, here you’ll meet Qhuinn’s brother *frowns at him* We never got to read his name in the books, so I’ve called him Eckle. When I wrote this fic, I was pretty sure I’ll end up writing a QhuinnxBlay story, so the boys slowly became more prominent in the plot as a matter to introduce the readers to their dynamic. Eckle’s presence accomplish more or less the same goal: he let us see a glimpse of what has been Qhuinn’s life until now AND… he will be VERY important in QHUAY’s fic ^^

As for V and Butch, this is their definitive chapter, when all things settle as they have to be so… just enjoy 😉 Please remember the MA rating, true? And, last, this part title and the next one are lines from Metallica’s song “Nothing Else Matters”. As always, thanks to the RPG Hermandad-Hispana family for these pics.

Here you have the first part of chapter 7, and I’ll post the next (and last) one as soon I find time to read it: chapter 7.1

6 comentarios to ““Lovers Redeemed”, chapter 7, “Life is ours…”, part 1”

  1. Here I am A.G.A.I.N!! i know, I know…you missed me, I know! *laughing*

    Here we go then…Vane, Vane, Vane….why do you do this to me? What have I ever done to you?? No, seriously?! When I thought that nothing could possibly more hot than V’s first time, you come and DO THIS! OMFG! Even Rhage couldn’t deal with V and Butch feeding, btw, that was pretty awesome! LOL. The hetero of the heteros were turned on by V and Butch. AWESOME!

    Coming back to the scene… I don’t think I have ever read anything sexier, hotter or more beautiful than this last scene. You have absolutely ruined my life with this because honestly, I will never again like heterosexual sex again. NEVER! Gorl, all the applauses and awards to your mind. For reals! I have always known that sex between V and Butch was going to be explosive, but what you gave us is beyond that. it’s LOVE and SEX at maximum potence! I’ll be forever thankful to you for writing it, for sharing it with us and I’ll be forever thankful to Vhis, for translating this damn beautiful work.

    Now, all I have last is wait for the last part and I am pretty sure my life will have no more meaning after I finish reading it. I am praying to God that that girl really translate the Qhuay one and I am also praying that you translate the short stories. I am like a drug addicted. I need my FIX!!!

    Vane, would it be completely inappropriate if I asked you your email? I wanted to ask you something and I think it would be better if I ask “privately”. But hey, if there is a problem, never mind, ok?!

    Love ya’


    • O.O Dear God, don’t EVER say THAT to your husband or you’ll crush his manly self-steem!!! *laughing like an idiot*

      Aw, Rhage’s reaction was a kind of joke, of course he’s not gay but, do you know when you’re in a heated room and then you sweat? Like, a natural reaction? So was his ^^

      I’m so happy that you liked the “couch scene” has it has been called ;P You’ll find another hot scene in the last part, although more romantic and less graphic 😉 The explosive sex between the guys is reserved, from this part on, to the two short VUTCH stories *winks*

      Yeah, I would love the QHUAY fic being translated, partly because I learned a few things between finishing LR and starting it, so it’s a bit more well written. It also has a heavy plotline and some other stories aside from the main one, as Rhage and Mary’s daughter, the return of José de la Cruz, Qhuinn’s brother resurrection and the return of an old enemy ^^ I like the QHUAY fic more than LR, but it’s huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge and I can’t imagine what it would be to translate it.

      And my email is vanessacaos@yahoo.es, for whatever you want. I’ve tried to write you at the adress that the blog system provides me with but it failed :S

      Kisses dear!!

  2. Thanks Vane! And I just sent you the email.

    My name is Monica, so you can recognize the email, ok?!

    Much love,


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    “Lovers Redeemed”, chapter 7, “Life is ours…”, part 1 | Rosa de sangre

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    “Lovers Redeemed”, chapter 7, “Life is ours…”, part 1 | Rosa de sangre


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