“Lovers Released”, a QhuinnxBlay fanfic, chapter 1, “Easier to run”

Hi again! Thanks only to Goodreadings‘ awesome people and, specifically, to Delia‘s incredibly kind soul, here we go with the translation into English of my QHUAY Spanish fic, “Lovers Released” ^^ This story is a fanfic based on the Black Dagger Brotherhood serie, by JR Ward, which I don’t own. I’m still writing the last chapter of the original Spanish version, but I guess it will be a 900 pages long story *gulps* With this I mean that Delia has a HUGE, TITANIC, COLOSSAL TASK ahead. Aside from this first chapter, the next ones have more than one part, with an average of 100 pages per chapter. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE: Cheer her up, send her coffee, hot chocolate, whatever… but don’t push her too much. She has a life and she’s already doing what she can, OK? I’ll post the links to each chapter on Goodreadings too, let’s see if I’m able to create a new Thread for this fic.

I have a lot of comments on this fic. First and more important: This is a MA rated story, so let’s be cristal clear: it contains highly graphic sex scenes between men, very bad language, dark situations, highly violent and bloody fighting scenes, and references to rape (never descriptions, but allusions). I’m pretty sure you’ll laugh with a lot of scenes (or, at least, I’ve tried to make you laugh) but there’s a lot of drama and suffering, both physical and emotional, awaiting you. So, if you’re underage, don’t like m/m sex scenes (or you do like, but not graphic ones) or you find violence offensive, DON’T READ IT. This fic has a lot more war (thus, a lot more blood and suffering) and a lot more sex than Lovers Redeemed (what you’re waiting for will happen as soon as in the second part of chapter 2, which isn’t necessarily good for the boys).

More with the comments.The story is settled three months after Lover Mine ended, with minor changes: Xhex and John are mated, they killed Lash, Blay and Sax are lovers and Payne lives at the mansion but she’s still in a wheelchair. Vishous kidnapped Saint Francis Trauma’s Chief, doctor Manuel Manello, and forced the human to take care of his twin. The fic is also settled in my own universe, in which V and Butch are mated, Jane never appeared and Marissa runs the Safe Place without being Butch’s shellan. So, Manello and Ehlena are the Brotherhood only medical staff.

The main focus of this fic are Qhuinn, Blay, their inner struggles and their painful evolution towards maturity, both as individuals and as a couple. But they bring another two characters attached to their lives: Layla and Saxton, who need their own share, so to speak. Besides, the fic deals with Mary and Rhage’s parenthood, a substory linked with the main plot, as well as with José De la Cruz reappearence (and the impact this has in Butch). We’ll see a lot of Vishous and Butch daily life and relationship; both Brothers will become a sort of godparents to the boys (even if V doesn’t admit it).

As for the main plot, I’ve put a lot of thought to it. This doesn’t mean the story is good, only that the plot is very complicated. It brings back to life a villain thought dead and Eckle, Qhuinn’s brother, who you met in Lovers Redeemed. The background of the story is a urban war between two gangs, the Almighty Kings and Queens (AKG or ALK) and the Bloods. The members of the first one are latin and the members of the second one are afro-american. Both gangs exist in the United States, so all the colors, titles names of the leaders, language signs and so on are real. Be prepared for racist comments and racial and territorial violence. I don’t hold anything against latin or black people, please don’t confuse my own believes with the plot. I simply thought that urban gangs war would be a nice background (and unexplorated in the books) to the story, nothing more. The private security company that I mention in the story of the Bloods leader, Blackwater, existed too (now it has another name), and the same applies to the Salvadorean guerrilla of the second in command of the AKG. Again, I’m not taking lighty gangs, wars or guerrilla problems, I just needed to create a life for the bad guys. You’ll meet that junkie from the Xtreme Park that we knew from Lover Mine as the Forelesser, I’ve just named him Carlos and gave him a personal story.

Because one of the gangs is Latin, I’ll keep the names of their members, titles and some expressions in Spanish, but I’ll include here the translation. Thus, “Rey Sol” (Carlos’ nickname) means “Sun King”, and “Corona Suprema” (his title) means “High Crown”. “Hermano” means “brother” and “amigo” is translated as “friend”. The same will happen with De la Cruz. We don’t get to know where he’s from in the books, but I’ve always pictured him as Mexican, so I’ll keep some Spanish expressions when he’s talking.

More things… as US readers will know faaaaaar better than me, the real Caldwells cities are small ones, while the Caldie in the books is suposed to be a medium town. Besides, we only know a few references: the river Hudson, Trade street, the Victorian neighborhood, the Commodore… But, to write a fully urban story with so many characters that are moving in so many different environments, I needed a detailed city… so I created it ^^; Basing on the plan of an existing US city (try to find out which, if you want), I made a lot of maps for Caldwell. Yes, I know the literary Caldwell has only one river, the Hudson, but I didn’t find any existing city with a river that would fit with my needs, so I took a town with two rivers, let’s pretend one is the Hudson and the other the Mohawk, an affluent. You’ll find these maps (with English captions), as well as pics of weapons, military devices, places, cars and tactical sketches embedded in the text.

Finally, you’ll see the pictures of two BDB Facebook role playing game families as the incarnations of the boys: Daganegralatina and Hermandad-Hispana, that kindly allowed me to use them. And all the titles chapters of this fic come from Linkin Park songs.

OK, I think that’s all, folks. There will be time to comment more details. Here you have the first chapter to download: 1. Easier to run

22 comentarios to ““Lovers Released”, a QhuinnxBlay fanfic, chapter 1, “Easier to run””

  1. Just WOW! I didn’t even read it yet, but Vane, all the hard work and effort you put on it to write a good story deserves all the awards. All the preparation, maps, gangs, language and so on…girl, ou probably do more research than Ward herself. I have no doubts about it.

    Delia, all my love to you. We absolutely have no ways to thank you for taking the time and effort to translate this. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am sure you have a special place in heaven already! *laughs*

    Can’t wait to read it!!!

    Much love,


    • You are so welcome. And I dont know about the place in heaven but thank you. I am working on the next part already but a little slower, my twin boys are sick (this weather sux) anyways I will be putting all my ME TIME on working on this.

      Much luv 🙂

  2. Hey, better wait to read before thinking it good (and wait to see my Photoshop skills with the maps, you’ll end rolling on the floor laughing^^;) But yes, I put a lot of effort in this fic, hope it’ll live up tp your expectations 😉

    And Delia HAS a special place in heaven, I reserved it myself, just by Vhis’ side ;D

    Kisses dear!!!

    • Oy! Why always so modest? *laughs* Read first chapter and am already in love. I wanna kick both Qhuinn and Blay for being so damn stupid, but I am already hooked. Can’t wait for chapter 2 and 3 and 4 and so on.

      Delia darling, take your sweet time. You are already doing so much. We really have no ways to thank you!!!

      You both live in my heart!!!

      Much love,


      • I’m modest because I’m just learning to write, dear, and because out there in the world are a lot of people who write incredibly well, far better than me. So I can only be humble, say “thank you very much” and try to get better ^^ But I’m gald you’ve liked the first chapter and yes, Delia needs to take it easy or she’ll be exhausted.


  3. amazing chapter…more please

  4. Hola, Que tal?…. So when’s the next chapter?

    • Hey, glad to hear from you again!! I don’t know when it will be ready the next chapter, or if it will be, because I don’t hear from Delia since more than a month ago :C I’ll write her to see if she can keep with the translation or not.

  5. Aeros Says:

    So what’s the status on the story… We’re you affected by the J.R. Ward legal team as well?

    • Muahahaha, nop, I’m not affected by her legal team… yet. But I can’t answer your question because I don’t know. I’ll try to contact Delia and see what happens. At least, if she has given up (as I supose she has) I could inform you, OK?

  6. hola quiero saber como puedo leer la nove??

    • Hola! La tienes en español, que es el idioma en que la redacté originalmente. Sólo tienes que consultar el archivo de este blog, en la página principal, arriba a la derecha. Busca “Amantes liberados” y te saldrán todos los capítulos^^

  7. esgulepada Says:

    May I have the whole history in my e- mail?

    • Hi! I’m sorry, but only chapter one was translated into English. The whole story in Spanish is completed and you can found it in the Archive: blog’s home page, up and to the right. The title is “Amantes Liberados”.

  8. Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your content seem to be running off the
    screen in Opera. I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know.
    The style and design look great though! Hope you get the problem solved soon.


  9. hoc effortless english

    “Lovers Released”, a QhuinnxBlay fanfic, chapter 1, “Easier to run” | Rosa de sangre

  10. I’d like to find out more? I’d care to find out more details.

  11. jackets sale

    “Lovers Released”, a QhuinnxBlay fanfic, chapter 1, “Easier to run” | Rosa de sangre

  12. Lakshita Daswani Says:

    hey , i have read the 1st Chapter and i lover it ( Easier to run ) !!! Are you going to translate this book soon ?? i can’t wait fot the next chapters .

  13. carmen Says:

    Did you finish the translation?


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